Sobre Ediciones De a Poco en Art in America Magazine

Sofía Hernández Chong Cuy escribe después de un viaje a Santo Domingo:

"Fiction has a special place here. Literature and storytelling run deep. But you won't find fiction appearing as text in art, nor as voiceover in film. Literature is in-between things, a kind of glue that binds art communities and projects together. It catalyzes.

This is why I found some recent artistic collaborations in Santo Domingo, the capital, so fascinating. Chief among these was Ediciones De a Poco, a new itinerant and independent press founded by a handful of writers and artists, including the poet Frank Báez and Natalia Ortega Gamez of Taller Las Mercedes, a studio dedicated to contemporary design in ceramic. Over the past fourteen months or so, they've published three titles, including two poetry books (one by Báez and another by Homero Pumarol) and a translation from French to Spanish of Les dollars des sables by Jean-Noel Pancrazi. These published works each create landscapes from various, cubistic perspectives."

Leer el texto completo: aqui.

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